Travel without stopping on European Motorways
Worried about tolls in France, Spain and Portugal? Emovis Tag UK can provide UK customers with a tag for automatic payment of motorway tolls. UK Call Centre based in Harrogate. Select one of the services below:

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If you’re planning a couple of long trips then it’s worth setting up the grey box (Telepeage tag) with your direct debit details and sailing through the big empty lane with the large ‘t’ above it.
Evo Magazine
We used a Liber-t tag from Emovis Tag to get a convoy of supercars through France for a BBC TopGear Magazine photo shoot, and it worked absolutely perfectly. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough – not only does it save you time at the tolls, but it also means you’re not constantly scrabbling for loose change. A great device. Thanks again.
TopGear Magazine
I just want to say how fantastic your service is. It's uncomplicated, efficient, accurate and I feel engaged via your communications. If only everything in life was set up like you are. Brilliant!
Ardell Bunt, Sevenoaks
Fit Your Tag Correctly, vital when driving in Portugal

Toll roads in Portugal are mainly free-flow (no barrier) so you must fit your tag correctly so it can be read when you drive under the overhead gantry.

Please check here for fitting instructions.

Hiring a Car at Faro? Important information

Please click here for further information.

New law for driving in France

Deadline date 31st March 2017

The French government have launched a new scheme for all cars driving in Paris and other French cities (the situation is changing so check the French government website below) which will include British registered cars. From 31/03/2017 your car needs to display an emissions sticker showing the age and cleanliness of your vehicle. If your vehicle does not display the sticker you could face hefty on the spot fines.

The anti-pollution sticker can only be ordered on-line from the official Crit’ Air website :

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