Travel without stopping on European Motorways
Worried about tolls in France, Spain and Portugal? Emovis Tag can provide UK customers with a tag for automatic payment of motorway and toll road charges.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, having attracted 85.7 million foreign visitors in 2013. With easy links to France from other countries in Europe and simple access via ferry or Eurotunnel from the UK, it’s no surprise so many visitors choose to drive instead of fly.

Rich with culture and beautiful destinations, wherever your end destination is, there are plenty of picturesque places to stop along the way. France is also very popular for camping trips with its world-class campsites, making it a natural choice for family holidays. If you’re driving to France by car, campervan or with a caravan, a French toll road tag makes paying tolls a doddle.

What are French toll road tags?

A toll tag is a device you can purchase and fit to your car. It allows you to drive on French toll roads and bypasses the need to physically stop and pay at the barrier. Instead, it automatically allows you vehicle through at the designated lanes. The tag is payment method for the tolls so everything is paid via card to your tag.

If you are driving a car or towing a trailer under 2m, you can use any lane with the Liber-t symbol or the tag-only lane on the left side of the plaza. If you are driving a motorbike, caravan or motorhome or a vehicle between 2m and 2m, use a lane with no height restrictions with the Liber-t symbol.

What are the benefits of France toll tags?

Faster journeys

While the scenic route may be toll-free, do you really want to spend precious time abroad stuck in the car? French toll road tags grant you access to direct routes and fast-moving traffic so you can get from A to B without sacrificing time you could be spending absorbing the beauty of France.

Avoid scrambling for change

We’ve all been there – the desperate scurry for the correct change when approaching the toll booth. Not only are you or your codriver trying to decipher a foreign currency but half of it always ends up under the side of your seat. And if you’re travelling alone in a right hand drive, it’s near impossible to toss the coins into the bucket. France toll tags let you avoid the entire debacle.

Toll traffic

Even when you do have the correct change, why queue while drivers in front of you find theirs when you could drive straight through a designated a lane? Many French toll roads have a special lane for cars with toll tags which allows them to drive through without stopping. If you’re in a hurry to get to your destination, this saves considerable time.

Avoid deadlines

Some tolls can be paid retrospectively within 24 hours which is ideal if you haven’t got change or forgot to pay. However, if you miss the deadline, which is easy to do, you are liable to further charges. You can avoid this process with a toll tag which saves working out how to pay your toll after the fact.

Reduce fuel costs and emissions

With French toll road tags you will avoid sitting in traffic and slowing down unnecessarily, meaning you will be kinder to the planet by reducing fuel costs and emissions.


We all feel better about travelling when we have a plan in place. When you’ve sorted a way to pay French road tolls in advance, you can get on the road and relax, knowing your toll payments are taken care of.

How to use a tag for tolls in France

Toll tags can be used by attaching them at a central-top position of the windscreen in a visible place behind the rear view mirror. For more guidance on where to place your tag, please visit our FAQs section. When you approach the Liber-t, the barrier will simply allow you through.

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