Travel without stopping on European Motorways
Worried about tolls in France, Spain and Portugal? Emovis Tag can provide UK customers with a tag for automatic payment of motorway and toll road charges.

Portugal has long been a favourite holiday destination for Brits and while most people fly, there are benefits of driving. Emovis Tags shouldn’t be used on Portuguese hire cars as there are usually already registered with Via Verde through the hire company. The alternative to flying and then hiring a car in Portugal is driving to Portugal from the UK. The options are taking a ferry or the channel tunnel to Calais and driving via France and Spain to Portugal or taking a ferry from Portsmouth to Santander and driving via Spain to Portugal. Fitting an Emovis Tag to your car allows you to pay your Portugal motorway toll without having to stop at the toll plaza to pay in cash. It’s worth noting that if you are driving via France, you will need to purchase a French toll tag and a Portuguese toll tag. The good news is, your Portuguese tag is valid in Spain as well.

What is a Portuguese toll tag?

An Emovis toll tag is a device you can purchase and fit to your car ahead of your trip. This particular tag allows you to drive on toll roads in Portugal and Spain without having to stop and pay at the barrier. Instead, it automatically allows you vehicle through at the designated lanes. The tag is payment method for the tolls so everything is paid via card to your tag.

What are the benefits of Portuguese toll tags?

Access to faster routes

If you are driving across Portugal to get to the Algarve direct journeys on the flee frow toll roads can cut your journey time down significantly. A Portuguese toll tag allows you to pay Portugal road tolls without slowing down too much.

No need for loose change

Having a Portuguese toll tag means you don’t have to think about keeping cash in the car to pay at the toll booths. Sometimes, they catch you out when you haven’t got enough spare change and this only adds to travel stress. Keep it simple with an Emovis tag to pay Portugal road tolls.

Stop waiting in line

Toll tags allow you to drive straight through VIA-T lanes on toll roads in Portugal, so you’re not sat in long car queues at the toll plazas in the hot Portugal sun.

Curb fuel consumptions and make savings

Using a toll tag to pay your Portugal motorway toll means you won’t have to keep slowing down and stopping on your journey. Because you’re a tag-holder you can drive straight through the toll plaza and maintain a consistent speed which is much better for the environment and easier on your fuel consumption costs.

Plan in advance

Getting your Emovis tag sorted before you travel means you can relax in the knowledge you’re all set for the toll roads in Portugal. No mad dashes to cash points or fumbling with loose change.

How to pay Portugal toll roads with a toll tag

Your Portuguese toll tag is read when using free flow toll roads but must be correctly positioned. Position it by attaching it to the top centre area of the windscreen in a visible place behind the rear view mirror. For more guidance on where to place your tag, please visit our FAQs section.

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