Understanding The Concept Of Télépéage

Télépéage is one of the best kept secrets of the French.  For years they have been using the technology to speed through French tolls whilst the British holiday makers have had to sit in queues.  But what exactly is Télépéage and how can it help you?
The technology

Télépéage is a standard French phrase that relates to automated toll payment systems.  By fitting a transponder to your vehicle you are able to approach the tolling booth in special Télépéage lanes.  These lanes are fitted with beacons which will detect your transponder and automatically open the barrier so that you can drive through without having to stop and pay manually or queue if there is lots of traffic.  The transponder, or tag as it is sometimes referred, is a small and unobtrusive device that fits to the vehicle window screen behind the rear view mirror.  The battery in the transponder will usually last between 5 and 7 years.
How you are charged

Whenever you use your Emovis Tag UK Télépéage system to drive through French tolls our systems will log it.  You will then be charged the same amount as you would be if you paid manually, on top of a €5 monthly active service fee for that calendar month.  If you use the system again in a separate calendar month then you will be charged a further €5 – however that will be your final charge for the rest of the year.  You can only be charged a maximum of €10 service charge over the course of one calendar year.  Payment will be debited directly from your bank account using the details provided when you set up your Emovis Tag UK account. 

Why choose Sanef Tolling

In the past Télépéage has been difficult to access for British travellers.  In order to lay their hands on a transponder a British citizen had to be able to provide a French based address and bank account.  Setting up your Télépéage could also prove problematic if you did not have a good understanding of the French language.  Emovis Tag UK has now made the whole process much simpler and your account can easily be set up online.  We also provide English speaking assistance over the phone in addition to email support.  With Emovis Tag UK it has never been quicker or easier to navigate your way through French tolls. 

If you would like further information on how Télépéage technology works or have any further queries then please contact Emovis Tag today on +44 (0)1423 299017. Alternatively you can contact us here.