French Toll Costs – Automated Versus Manual

By opening an account with Emovis Tag UK you can soon have your own in car transponder that will remove the hassle of using toll roads that are found on the French Autoroute.  This convenient device removes the need to pay the toll charges using cash.  Beacons that are situated on the booths of designated Télépéage traffic lanes detect your transponder and the barrier opens up for you to simply drive through.  The toll charge is then debited from the bank account that you have stipulated upon setting up your Emovis Tag account.  But how do automated French toll costs hold up in comparison to the manual alternative?  At Emovis Tag we do our best to provide a completely transparent service so that our costumers understand exactly what they will be charged and when.  Here we offer guidance on our costs.
Security deposit

For each Tag that we issue we require a €20 deposit.  This charge is fully refundable upon return of the Tag. 

Application fee

All applications incur a non-refundable charge of €10 + TVA.  This is a onetime charge to cover administration. 

Management fee

Emovis Tag charge an annual €6 + TVA management fee, which is payable in advance.  When added to your security deposit and application fee this represents an initial outlay of €39.14.  Remember that just over half of this is refundable upon return of the Emovis Tag. 

Toll costs

Once you are set up the next fee that you have to consider is when you actually use a toll road in France.  Using Emovis Télépéage does not cost more per toll than paying manually.  Whilst it is difficult to give an exact figure due to varying French toll costs; 10km of Autoroute driving will usually cost you an average of about €1. 

Monthly active service fee

For the first calendar month that you use the Tag in France you will be charged €5.  You will also be charged €5 for the second calendar month that you use your Tag.  However, €10 is the maximum active service fee that you can be charged over the course of a 12 month period.

If you require further information on French toll costs or how the Emovis Télépéage system works please contact Emovis Tag UK today on +44 (0)1423 299017. Alternatively you can contact us here.