French Toll Costs Are More Straightforward When Using a Toll Tag

Throughout the year British holiday goers make their way to Dover and Portsmouth to embark on their holidays to France. Driving to France has long been a popular option and for good reason, but how many of us have been on a family holiday to France, finding ourselves in the situation where you’re driving on a motorway, only to see the dreaded toll booth sign approaching. It’s as if panic suddenly sweeps through the car and the frantic rummage for Euros begins. At this point you either realise you don’t have any euros or you find a collection of crumpled notes and coins, of which you’re not entirely sure the true value of. By this point an argument has broken out in the back of the car, not helped by the already warm conditions as no one actually knows how much is owed anyway. Similar situations can happen if you’re with a partner and they’re sleeping in the passenger seat, as you approach the toll booth you have to inevitably wake them up, which again isn’t an ideal solution. If you’re travelling by yourself you have to get out of the car or lean right across the car, again not ideal. It certainly begs the question “what do the French do in these situations?”

Well the French have an instant advantage here as their steering wheels are on the other side of the car, meaning that the driver can easily make a toll payment with little discomfort. French motorists are also far more used to the concept of paying tolls and are aware of the French toll costs. However there is a third option that has been unavailable to motorists without a French bank account until recently and that is the Telepeage lane, more specifically the automatic payment lane.

UK customers can now use our Emovis Tag UK telepeage tags which fit behind the rear view mirror. Having one of these tags fitted allows you to use the telepeage lane and enjoy automated French toll costs. No more rummaging for change, leaning out the window or sat arguing in a queue when all you want to do is sit by the pool at your chosen destination.

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