Products And Services To Make Your French Motorway Journey Even Easier

Driving on Motorways in any country can be challenging. The combination of driving at high road speeds in numerous weather conditions, with heavy goods vehicles rumbling past you and trying to make sure that you don’t miss your junction can be a stressful experience. These challenges are significantly magnified when driving abroad. As soon as you arrive in France and depart the ferry, you suddenly find yourself on the other side of the road. There’s a lot to take in and motorway driving again can be difficult. You have to work out speed limits that are displayed in KPH not MPH, make sure you have enough Euros for the frequent toll booths, whilst all the time try to make sure you’re headed the correct way to your chosen destination. Perhaps the key to success then is careful planning and part of this should be to make sure you have brought the right tools with you. Here are three products / services that should improve your French motorway experience.

A European Sat Nav

There are a wide variety of Sat Nav models on the market, all with slightly differing features. However, when you’re looking to purchase a Sat Nav you should consider what you’ll be using it for. Many of the cheaper units only feature UK maps and there can be charges to extend the maps to Europe. Many well-known brands offer a full European map option as standard though and it’s this option you should go for if you plan to drive in France. Having a Sat Nav with the European map option greatly reduces stress, as not only do they remind you to drive on the right, but many also monitor speed and convert KPH to MPH. Most importantly they clearly show you which junctions to take and keep you traveling in the right direction and with confidence.

Emovis Tag Telepeage Tag

The frequent toll booths dotted along French motorways can be an unwelcome surprise and looking for Euros on approach can be very distracting. Some busier toll booths attract long queues which can be very annoying, again adding to the stress levels. Emovis Tag UK, the UK division of the Sanef motorway group, has made the automatic telepeage lanes open to UK customers. By simply signing up for a telepeage tag and fixing it behind your rear view mirror you can go through the telepeage lanes without stopping, safe in the knowledge a secure payment has been taken.

European Breakdown Cover

Even if you have a brand new car you can never really be sure that a breakdown won’t occur. It could be anything from a blown tyre through to an electrical fault and finding yourself stranded at the side of the motorway, not knowing who to call can be an alarming experience. There are many providers of European breakdown cover to choose from and many ferry providers even offer this as a bolt on option when buying a ticket.

For more information regarding French motorway travel and about the telepeage lane tags please contact Emovis Tag UK today on +44 (0)1423 299017. Alternatively you can contact us here.