Motorists With Right Hand Drive Cars Are Enjoying The Benefits Of Telepeage

Every Year many UK holiday makers set off on their holidays to France. Some decide to take the train which takes you directly to Paris via the channel tunnel, others prefer the convenience of a flight, deciding to get a coach or hire car on arrival at the French airport. For others however driving to France is the most convenient way to travel and many either use the channel tunnel or one of the many reputable ferry providers. In fact some UK motorists enjoy the drive itself, taking the time to travel at their own speed. Being able to take regular coffee breaks and stopping in French towns and villages along the way certainly opens up the possibility of seeing more sights and places of interest. However many motorists have found that although driving on the AutoRoute is the fastest way of reaching their chosen destination, the frequent tolls can be frustrating, especially for motorists suffering from back or shoulder pain caused by rheumatism.

Because UK cars are designed for driving on the British roads they’re right hand drive. Being on the wrong side of the car as you enter France certainly changes things and when it comes to toll booths a few issues arise. In fact it often means that the driver has to lean out across the passenger seat in order to reach the toll both attendant or cash/card slot. Leaning over at that angle can be incredibly uncomfortable and in some cases painful. This is magnified in sportier cars that sit lower down, increasing the angle again needed to lean over and reach the attendant. This problem isn’t so bad however should you be travelling with a partner or friend but even this has some potential issues.  If your friend or partner is asleep, it can be unfair to have to wake them every time a toll payment is required. It can also be difficult understanding exactly how much the tolls cost and for holidaymakers visiting France for the first time this can increase an already stressful situation.

Telepeage tags provided by Emovis Tag UK give motorists with right hand drive cars an answer to this issue however. By using a telepeage tag fitted behind the rear view mirror you can use the automatic payment lanes situated at toll stations. This means that there is no more stopping and leaning over, you simply approach the toll barrier in the telepeage lane and it rises. An automatic payment is taken from the tag and a complete record of the transaction will be sent to you at the end of the month.

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