Removing The Hassle Of French Tolls On Your Biking Holiday


With the snowy season still in full flow in France and set to continue into May thanks to the excellent conditions this year, many holiday makers are still in ski mode. However, now is the right time to start planning your next adrenaline fuelled jaunt and what can be more challenging then a mountain biking holiday? The Portes du Soleil is a popular destination, with the town of Morzine offering challenging downhill, freeride and cross-country trails. If you prefer an easier ride then Ariége in the Pyrenees might be the right option for you. But wherever you decide to go, purchasing an Emovis Tag can help remove the hassle of negotiating French tolls.

Packed car

Once you have packed your car up ready for your biking holiday, it is very unlikely that you will have much room left. With all the required kit, such as spare wheels, your helmet and protective clothing; there isn’t always enough room left for even your passengers! Then of course you have the bikes mounted securely on the back of your vehicle, which can to some extent restrict vision the driver’s vision. Driving in such conditions can be challenging enough, without the bother of having to stop at French tolls to pay by card or cash.

Automated solution

An Emovis Télépéage Tag removes the need to exit your car to make payment, as a mounted beacon will automatically detect the transponder as you approach and raise the barrier. No need to lean across your dozing passenger or luggage to make the payment. No running around the car in the rain and snagging your clothes on the bike peddles as your fumble for change. Just a nice hassle free journey to your destination. You will of course also arrive at your accommodation in good time, thanks to not having to queue at the toll booths like the other motorists.

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