Travel without stopping on European Motorways
Worried about tolls in France, Spain and Portugal? Emovis Tag can provide UK customers with a tag for automatic payment of motorway and toll road charges.

Information for Existing BIP and Go Sanef France (Sanef SA) Account holders

If you have a Liber-t tag purchased from Sanef France / BIP and Go that you pay by credit card, please contact Sanef France / BIP and Go directly for any queries relating to your account as Emovis Tag UK cannot access your account details.

To contact by phone

The Sanef France BIP and Go customer service number is +33 9 708 08 765 (Option 1, Option 1, should get you through to a Liber-t agent to talk about your account)

If you require information about other services, you can navigate the automated voice routing service as follows:

  • For questions related to your invoice or the liber-t scheme press 1
    • if you are already a subscriber and you want information on your invoice or on you customer account press 1
      • if you are a company press 1
      • if you are an individual press 2 -then access or wait for an operator
    • if you want to subscribe for the "télépéage liber-t" or order an additional tag press 2
  • to access the consumer service press 2
  • to get information on traffic 107.7FM or to report an incident or accident press 3
  • for press information press 4

To contact by email

Alternatively use the Sanef France BIP and Go web contact form.


In Person

Sanef France has service centres located on various points along the Sanef network.  You can find a Sanef France Customer Service Centre by clicking here.

If you already have a Liber-t tag from Sanef France that you pay for by credit card and wish to close your account :

Simply download and complete this form and return it and your Sanef France tag to the specified address.

Please do not use this form for returning tags purchased through Emovis Tag UK (this website). Instead, please use the Return a Tag option from the My Account menu (i.e. log onto your account and return the tag).