Taking The Hassle Out Of Paying Toll Charges In France

France is a popular destination for car enthusiasts and holidaymakers alike, benefiting from excellent ferry access and more recently the channel tunnel. Families in particular drive to France due to the lower cost of travel and the ability to bring caravans or book camping holidays, which often work out more cost effective than flying abroad. The roads in France have an excellent reputation for being well surfaced and the scenery from the car is in parts breath-taking. There are, however, the toll charges in France to be considered and regular stops at toll booths can become wearisome.

It’s perhaps unfair to say that the roads are excellent and then say toll booths are a hassle as they are connected and one pays for the other to stay in top condition. There are of course alternative routes but these are often less direct and can add time to the journey. The toll charges in France are straightforward enough to pay for the locals but holidaymakers and car enthusiasts find it more difficult, ultimately because our steering wheels are on the wrong side. This means lots of leaning over, or troubling another passenger in the vehicle to pay the toll. This situation is exaggerated when you’re travelling with children as the frequent stops can wake them up should they be asleep, or the long waits in the toll booth queues can make them restless.

Thankfully there is a solution to the toll booth dilemma and it comes in the form of a toll tag. The French have long enjoyed a lane that allows for automated payment, taken by a signal generated from a tag and now UK motorists can pay the toll charges in France in this manner as well. By affixing the tag behind the rear view mirror you can use the telepeage lanes that enable you to pass through at 30mph without stopping and avoiding the queues. For car enthusiasts and tourists alike, this service is really very useful and considerably reduces journey times.

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