Making The Most Of Your French Driving Holiday With A Telepeage Tag

For many people the car is just a mode of transport that takes them from A to B. Other people prefer to avoid cars altogether choosing modes of public transport. However there are many people whose main passion is based around cars and driving. Each year thousands of car enthusiasts make their way in to Europe and in particular France via one of the many ferry crossing options. Some choose to take the channel tunnel trains, others fly with a view to hiring a car for the holiday and perhaps to give them a taste of something different to drive. While a large proportion use the ferry services to safely transport them and their car.

Once in France there is a wealth of winding, twisting and outstretching roads to explore and enjoy. Many lined with picturesque scenery, idyllic rolling poppy fields stunning snow covered vistas and historically preserved villages are just some examples.

One issue though that slightly dampens a driving holiday in France is the frequent toll booths that occupy the motorway. It’s true that there are alternative routes to take but if you’re driving a car with a large capacity engine the autoroute can be the best option to take for fuel efficiency between individual driving stages. The toll booths are in fact a necessity and many motorists appreciate that the French don’t pay road tax and that the toll booths keep their motorways immaculate. The booths can however pose a particular problem for English motorists whose cars are right hand drive and designed to drive on the other side of the road. At the booths this can mean lots of uncomfortable leaning over if you’re travelling alone. Car enthusiasts with exotic cars with low suspension also find that if they drive into the booth they can’t open their door at the high kerbs. This means that he driver often has to park in front of the booth, get out, walk round the car and then pay the toll via an attendant, not a popular option for people waiting in line.

A solution to such an issue comes by way of a Emovis Tag UK Telepeage tag. These toll tags fit neatly in front of the rear view mirror, being hardly noticeable and they enable UK motorists to use the Telepeage lane, a special lane where automatic toll payment can be taken. These Telepeage lanes allow you to approach at around 30mph and the barrier rises without you even stopping. All the while a secure payment has been taken from the toll tag.

This way of paying tolls is becoming increasingly popular, as you not only no longer have to stretch over or get out of the car, but you have a complete payment record of your driving holiday toll costs.

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