Avoiding The Delay Of Toll Charges In France On Your Way To Le Mans

For many motoring enthusiasts in Britain the Le Mans 24 Hour Race is an event that keeps on pulling them back to the shores of France year after year.  Held annually since 1923, it is the oldest endurance in the world and attracts thousands of spectators who gather to watch the drivers race around 8.5 miles of the Circuit de la Sarthe.  Whilst the race itself is a great experience; for many the journey to the race is equally as important.  However, the delays of having to pay toll charges in France can somewhat dampen the enjoyment of the trip. 

A growing trend

There is an ever-increasing trend amongst mainly male car owners to travel down to Le Mans as a group to watch the Le Mans 24 Hour Race.  Organising such an event is especially popular amongst British motorists that own supercars.  The drive through the channel tunnel and onwards to the city of Le Mans offers the chance to get their beloved cars out on the open road and enjoy an extended drive.  They can also legally push their car a little harder on the Autoroute system; which has a speed limit of 80mph. 

A journey interrupted

One major bugbear for these motoring enthusiasts is having to stop to pay toll charges in France as they make use of the Autoroute system.  They want to relax and enjoy their journey, without the interruption that road tolls present and such stops can leave drivers feeling frustrated.  Suddenly the feeling of freedom that they have being experiencing from driving their car in free flowing traffic is gone and they are left queuing to get through the barrier. 

A simple solution

If you are planning on travelling to France to see the Le Mans 24 Hour Race, or for any other reason, you should consider Emovis Tag UK Télépéage.  By fitting a transponder you will be able to use a special Télépéage lane on the Autoroute; on which the barrier will automatically open as you approach.  Whilst you will have to slow down to about 18mph for the beacon to detect your transponder; you won’t have to stop completely and queue.  Nor will you have to jump out of your car and run round to pay the attendant due to the fact your low profile car is too low to lean across the passenger seat and access the window. 

If you are considering travelling to France for the Le Mans 24 Hour Race or any other reason, please contact Emovis Tag UK today on +44 (0)1423 299017. Alternatively you can contact us here.