Travel without stopping on European Motorways
Worried about tolls in France, Spain and Portugal? Emovis Tag can provide UK customers with a tag for automatic payment of motorway and toll road charges.

Should You Try To Avoid Toll Charges In France?

As in England, when driving in France you have two options in terms of the type of road you want to travel along to reach your destination. Most of us – because we want to get there quickly, economically and sanely – choose the motorway, or when in France, the Autoroute.

The Autoroute network links all major French towns and cities via a 7,500 mile network of fast – the speed limit is 80 mph - 2 or 3 lane motorways. The majority of which is toll – or péage – operated.

Toll charges in France vary depending on the Autoroute, the distance travelled and even the time of day or day of week - which when you don’t speak the lingo, don’t understand the signs and are really confused about which side of the road you’re on, can be quite frustrating.

With this in mind it might be tempting to turn off the Autoroute and avoid the toll charges altogether. But is it really worth it? You still won’t speak the lingo, you still won’t understand the signs, you’ll still be on the wrong side of the road but this time there won’t be a nice big safety barrier to stop you from veering onto the wrong side of the road.

So why not keep to the Autoroute but do like the French do – invest in the Liber-t automatic toll payment service from Emovis Tag UK.

Available to UK residents for the first time, this UK run arm of Sanef allows British drivers to register and buy an electronic transponder – or tag – online which automatically opens the toll barriers without you having to stop. You’re invoiced the following month and the payment is taken – in good old English pounds - from your UK bank account 15 days later.

It’s quick, easy and in English!

Très bon!

If you would like further information on how our Liber-t tag can help remove the hassle of paying toll charges in France contact Emovis Tag UK today on +44 (0)1423 299017. Alternatively you can contact us here.