Winter Driving Is Easier With a Telepeage Tag

As the nights draw in and the memories of sitting outside in the evening sunshine become ever distant, you start to remember the approaching cold and in particular how driving during the winter months can be much more difficult. For many of us driving isn’t purely a means to travel from A to B, but a passion and a hobby. Some view the winter months as a challenge to be embraced (well, certainly the Landrover and 4 wheel drive vehicle owners might anyway). For others, tackling the humdrum morning and evening commute is a chore at the best of times and adding rain, wind, ice and snow into the bargain makes journeys thoroughly unpleasant.

If you consider longer journeys then abroad and into France these daily winter driving problems become further exaggerated. Although the journeys might not be easy, they are certainly not in vein as France is truly beautiful in the winter months. Seeing the Paris rooftops stretching out across the city, covered in glistening frost from the Eiffel Tower, or looking out to the impressive Mon San Michelle monastery atop its snow covered, rocky fortifications certainly shouldn’t be missed.

Although the majority of French roads are excellent and well gritted there are other areas of travel that can be improved upon. French tolls are particularly disruptive during the winter months for several reasons. If it’s sleeting and blowing a gale, opening a window to reach out and pay can let a great deal of cold and wet air into the vehicle. Not such a problem for some people, but for younger and older family members this can be very uncomfortable, leading to upset children, which again makes a journey more difficult. If the ground is icy and slippery having to stop and start your vehicle can lead to wheel spin or loss of grip, and should you have an older car, the engine could cut out altogether, leaving you temporarily stranded.

One solution that makes winter travel through France easier is the Emovis Tag UK telepeage tag. By simply attaching the small plastic tag behind your windscreen you can use the telepeage lanes at the toll booths. The telepeage lanes take payment automatically by receiving a secure signal from the tag, meaning you don’t even have to stop. No more having to get out of the car to walk to the passenger side and pay or sitting in long queues adding considerable time to your journey.

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