Why Not Try Our Telepeage Tags To Pay French Autoroute Tolls

Paying French motorway tolls has never been easy for people with right hand drive cars. The layout of the toll booths is quite rightly designed with left-hand drive cars in mind. This of course raises several issues for British motorists. Primarily the biggest problem is for motorists travelling by themselves as they either have to get out of the car and walk round the booth, which means a frantic run back round to the driver’s side before the barrier closes again, or an uncomfortable stretch over the gear stick. Some drivers are used to doing this though and are more than happy to stretch their legs. If you’re on holiday this is all well and good, but what if you were on your way to a meeting and it’s pouring with rain, turning up in a damp creased suit might not give the best first impression. Perhaps the solution to this problem lies elsewhere, more specifically in the form of an automated payment lane. Imagine a lane where you could simply pass through without stopping and an automatic payment simultaneously taken. Well, imagine no longer, as the automated payment lane is actually quite well established and many French motorists have enjoying automated payment of French autoroute tolls for some time. Historically it has only been available to motorists with French bank accounts, however things have changed and now Emovis Tag UK extends this service to UK motorists.

Trying something different

Adapting to a new system or service may not always seem straightforward and for business individuals and holiday makers who are used to the cumbersome manual payments it may be perceived as being difficult.  The reality of the situation is changing to a toll tag couldn’t be easier. By simply visiting Emovis Tag UK’s website ( and filling out a quick form, you’ll soon receive your toll tag in the post.  Once the account is activated and you’ve attached the tag behind your rear view mirror as instructed, you’re all set. No more waiting in queues or having to get out the car in the wind and rain.

Telepeage Lanes

The tags enable the payment of French autoroute tolls by sending out a secure signal to the toll booth on approach to the telepeage lane, you slow to around 30mph and the barrier lifts letting you through.  At the end of the month you receive a statement for your tolls, which again lets you keep a vigilant record of how much you’re spending as opposed to just rummaging for change each time.

Emovis Tag UK’s telepeage tags are revolutionising the way British motorists use the French autoroute tolls and are saving both time and undue stress on journeys.

Please contact Emovis Tag UK today on +44 (0)1423 299017. Alternatively you can contact us here.