Improve Your Family Holiday With Automatic Payment Of French Autoroute Tolls

Many of us look forward all year to getting away to France with the family and enjoying a couple of weeks in the (hopefully) glorious sunshine. There’s nothing better than splashing around in an outdoor pool with your children, drinking cold drinks out on a balcony or outside a tent or caravan with your partner on an evening and just letting the stresses of everyday life wash away. However getting to your destination and enjoying travelling around the local area can have a small catch. Long trips in the car can put a serious strain on a family’s relationships. Many of us have been there, children arguing in the back of the car all the way to the ferry port, the queues to get onto the ferry, where dad has wandered off to purchase a coffee at the exact moment your lane of cars starts moving. Once you’re on the ferry things are peaceful for an hour or two, but then there is the mad dash back to your car, the queue for passport control, and then after much waiting you’re free to hit the open road. Finally tranquillity is bestowed once more. Well until someone needs to take a toilet break anyway…

After all this stress then perhaps the last thing you want to see looming in the distance is a line of toll booths. Once again a ripple of panic sweeps through the car as the frantic search for unfamiliar looking money begins, and on arrival you’re not sure if you just paid a thousand pounds or one pound due to the unfamiliar denomination.

Gladly there is a solution and while it doesn’t stop your kids arguing or needing the toilet it does remove the added delays and un-needed interruption of French autoroute tolls. Emovis Tag UK provide toll tags that fit neatly behind the rear view mirror of your car. About the size of three 50 pence pieces they are hardly noticeable and in no way hinder your visibility. Upon arrival at a French autoroute toll station you can calmly move over to the Telepeage lane where you can simply drive through at a restricted speed, watch the barrier lift and be safe in the knowledge that your automatic toll payment has been taken. Not only will you save time, meaning that you’ll reach the cool waters of the resort pool sooner, your kids can also pretend they’re raising the barriers using ‘the force’.

For more information on French autoroute toll payment or to find out more regarding our Telepeage tags please contact Emovis Tag UK today on +44 (0)1423 299017. Alternatively you can contact us here.