Emovis Télépéage – Making French Tolls Hassle Free For Disabled People

French tolls can be frustrating for British motorists travelling in France.  Whilst there are a few toll roads in the UK; on the whole most of us won’t travel on any from one year to the next.  Then we arrive on French soil and incur charges for using many of the main roads.  However, it isn’t usually the cost of French tolls that annoy British travellers, but the inconvenience of them.
Problems facing British motorists

The first problem facing British motorists when they approach French tolls is the question of whether they have the correct change in Euros to throw into the collection basket.  If you have just arrived in the country then it could be that you only have Euro notes, which means the hassle of waiting for the attendant to count your change.  In both instances your frustration can be exacerbated by the fact that the collection basket and attendant will be situated on the left side of the car due to the fact that the French drive on the right side of the road.  This is especially a problem when travelling alone as you either have to lean right across the passenger seat, or get out of the car and run around to the collection basket or booth.  Now spare a thought for motorists with a physical disability.
A physical challenge

Whereas having to lean across or get out of your car at French tolls is a nuisance to the able-bodied driver; for a physically disabled motorist it can offer a genuine challenge.  Leaning across the passenger seat just isn’t an option for many, which leaves them with the task of having to exit the car and make their way around to the pay booth.  A task that can be both physically demanding and leave them conscious of the fact that they are slowing down other motorists waiting in the queue.
The convenience and ease of Emovis Télépéage means that both able-bodied and disabled motorists can quickly negotiate French tolls. Through the use of a transponder fixed to your vehicle windscreen, a mounted beacon on the toll booth will detect your vehicle and open the barrier automatically.  The appropriate charges are then debited from your bank account; leaving you with a speedy and hassle free journey.
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