Telepeage Lanes – Are they the French Motorists Best Kept Secret?

France continues to be an ideal holiday destination for people all over the world. Its home to Paris, arguably the most romantic city, with the Eiffel Tower and spectacular Arc de Triomphe. There are the coastal cities like La Rochelle that boast clean beaches and historical sites to visit, with a healthy selection of restaurants and vibrant night life. Skiers and snowboarders also choose France as the promise of good snowfall and selection of resorts is amongst the best in the world. European travellers can travel to France at a very low cost and with the current European relationships moving between European countries has never been easier. British tourists have the fantastic Channel tunnel and a wealth of ferry options, including the fast speed cat boats that will transport your car, meaning you have a means of transport, giving you the freedom to explore the French villages and towns.

Many British holidaymakers have made good use of the ferries and tunnels for many years, many booking family holidays, either camping or caravanning. The fastest route to most destinations is to use the French motorways, which are very well surfaced and well maintained. The reason for their great condition though is down to the toll booths that can be found at periodic intervals. The toll booths can be a surprise for some Brits and it can be stressful not knowing how much is owed, especially if you don’t have any euros to hand. French motorists have found a simple way to get around this problem though and it’s now available to British motorists as well.

Telepeage lanes have existed for quite some time now and you may have seen them in operation without really knowing what they are. Simply put, the telepeage lane is an automatic payment lane and it means that you can go through the toll lane at 30mph without having to queue or stop. The payment is taken via a signal, sent from a small telepeage tag that is fixed behind the rear view mirror. In order to have a telepeage tag you previously required a French bank account, but thankfully Sanef the motorway operator has extended its reach to the UK with Emovis Tag UK now providing UK motorists the same service. In addition to being able to register a tag from a UK address with a British bank account you receive full UK based customer support.

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